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A ghostwriter is a professional writer-for-hire. We’re the equivalent of the Hollywood stunt double who makes the movie star look good!

If you’ve got a website that needs some savvy content, a book idea you’re just not quite certain you’ve got the time to write, or almost any writing project–whether personal or professional–that you’d rather hire a pro to do, then a ghostwriter’s the go-to guy for you.

I do the writing & you take the credit. Sometimes clients might credit me as “editor” but I don’t expect it (though it is appreciated when it happens). In all cases I do the research and writing for you, and you take the credit for authorship.

As the internet has evolved and self-publishing has exploded, the demand for quality writing is high. Whether that be a series of blog posts or that memoir you’ve been kicking around at the back of your mind for as long as you can remember, now’s the time to make it happen.

I’ve been a blogger and writer for close to 4 years, and aside from having a natural, Irish gift for words and a Nazi-like zeal for proper grammar, I’ve put myself through course after course in blogging, social media and marketing.

I run a one man operation. That means when I say your business is important to me, it really is!

Want to hire me? Get in touch. Let’s chat and see if we are a good fit.

Dave Lynch Sig


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